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Music is everywhere - you hear people humming, singing, listening to the radio, listening to their phones or tablets. There are so many different types of music they are almost impossible to list.

Everyone has tunes that are special to them - perhaps they evoke memories of a special person or special event; perhaps they just touch something special deep inside.

We are a small group of people sharing a learning experience at Sheridan College in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and this Wiki is a project to share those special songs with others. It's not all our music - just a couple of songs from each one of us. We hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we enjoyed sharing them.


Ashley's Music
Basam's Music
Bosede's Music
Edita's Music
Fathima's Music
Greg's Music
Mahbooba's Music
Marc's Music
Mariam's Music
Marta's Music
Monika's Music
Nishi's Music
Ola's Music
Raghad's Music
Razan's Music
Sana's Music
Sidra's Music
Sol's Music
Zunaira's Music

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